Because of this, once again, we, from the ministry, really appreciate this event
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment lauded the formation of National Fishers Center (NFC), initiated by Non-Governmental Organization Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW), as alternative platform to report problems related to boat crews in fishery.

"Several testimonies stated that the formation of Fishers Center is very helpful for boat crews and their families in reporting the problems of fishery sector's boat crew," the ministry's official, Helyus Komar, noted.

"Because of this, once again, we, from the ministry, really appreciate this event," he stated during the National Fishers Center unveiling on Wednesday.

Problems related to boat crews are endless. The ministry is often contacted by boat crew worker unions due to various problems right from unpaid wages to abandonment, he remarked.

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"The ministry receives complaints from work unions concerning several matters that I mentioned almost every week, so we welcome the effort made by the civil society organization, such as DFW, that initiated this event," he remarked.

According to Komar, the existence of this alternative reporting platform can go along with the effort made by the government to reduce boat crew problems in the future.

Efforts continue to be made by various parties to reform the management of fishery boat crew, including small fishermen, on account of the fact that the number of fishery boat crew members and fishermen reaches 2.2 million.

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These boat crew members work in domestic fishing boats, overseas fishing boats, and independently on a small scale.

In addition, fishery activity is a business sector that is risky, dangerous, difficult, and hands-on.

To protect fishery workers, including fishery boat crew and small fishermen, Destructive Fishing Watch Indonesia initiated the National Fishers Center.

NFC is a platform that connects fishery boat crew and fishermen with other parties related to fishery activities both domestic and overseas.

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