Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coughs and colds dominated the health complaints reported by Indonesian pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, head of the Hajj Health Center of the Health Ministry, Budi Sylvana, has informed.

"Based on the health observation of the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, there has been a shift in diseases, from previously hypertension and heart disease, now coughs and colds dominated," he said at a virtual press conference, which was followed via Zoom here on Thursday.

Based on the ministry’s report, the most common ailments among the pilgrims were cough and cold, which were experienced by 15,953 people; hypertension, 14,118 people; acute respiratory tract infection, 7,357 people; and muscle pain, 5,492 people; while 5,354 people underwent further examination.

"The cause of coughs and colds was fatigue," Sylvana said.

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The Hajj rituals involved many physical activities; thus, many pilgrims got exhausted and fell ill, he explained. The hot weather in Saudi Arabia also affected the health of Indonesian pilgrims who are not accustomed to such high temperatures, he added.

He further informed that 79 pilgrims suffered congestive heart failure, 36 had pneumonia, 33 had hypertension, 27 experienced fever and ailments with unknown causes and 26 had diabetes mellitus.

Fifty-one pilgrims returned to Indonesia earlier than others due to health issues, Sylvana said.

So far, there have been no infectious disease cases among the pilgrims, he affirmed.

He said that the pilgrims will be provided a Hajj Pilgrims Health Alert Card (K3JH), which will be used to monitor their health for 21 days after they return home.

If the pilgrims experience health problems, they will need to report to the nearest health facility with their K3JH.

“If, in the span of 21 days, symptoms of illness occur, pilgrims must immediately report and seek treatment at the nearest health facility by bringing the K3JH," he informed.

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