Jakarta (ANTARA) - A total of 1,028 child inmates in the Special Child Development Institutions (LPKA) across Indonesia received remissions on National Children's Day (RAN) that is commemorated on July 23 annually.

"Of the total, 998 children received RAN I, or a partial reduction of jail term, and 30 children received RAN II, or were immediately released," Coordinator of Public Relations and Protocol of the Directorate General of Corrections at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Rika Aprianti noted in a written statement here on Saturday.

The government grants remissions to children to demonstrate the state's presence in protecting children for their future.

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In line with the theme of National Children's Day (HAN) 2022 of "Children are protected, Indonesia is Advancing," the granting of remission is an effort by the state to protect children as the nation's future generation. One way is to process the integration of children and reduce the psychological burden while in the special jail for children.

She detailed that 746 children received a one-month remission, 128 children were granted a two-month remission, 114 children received a three-month remission, and 10 children got a four-month remission.

Meanwhile, of the 30 children that were immediately released, 25 received a one-month remission, two children were granted a two-month remission, two children received a three-month remission, and one child was granted a four-month remission.

"Every year, we give remissions on National Children's Day to children, who have met the administrative and substantive requirements," she stated.

The granting of remissions is expected to motivate children to become better individuals and to encourage children, who are still in LPKA, to be more enthusiastic about participating in the coaching.

Currently, Indonesia has 1,819 juvenile detainees and inmates spread throughout the regions.

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