Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander General Andika Perkasa supports the involvement of TNI personnel in advancing the country's education process in various regions, including in underdeveloped, frontier, outermost, and conflict-affected areas.

"If it is (about) education, I will fully support the involvement of TNI personnel," Perkasa said, as accessed from his YouTube channel Jenderal TNI Andika Perkasa, here on Thursday.

The commander general revealed that the TNI has collaborated extensively with various educational institutions.

Hence, during his meeting with Pertamina University, Perkasa accepted wholeheartedly the proposal for cooperation between Pertamina University and the TNI.

One of the programs proposed by Pertamina University is the Ujung Negeri Scholarship that will be awarded to outstanding Indonesian youth in regions. In addition, scholarships will be offered to outstanding children of personnel of the Indonesian Military.

"Soon, we (the TNI and Pertamina University) will prepare a cooperation plan for this Ujung Negeri Scholarship," Perkasa revealed.

According to Perkasa, education is the main window to see the world and change the future for the better. To this end, he will involve TNI personnel located across Indonesia to help and disseminate information about this scholarship program to facilitate advancement of the nation's education.

Furthermore, he viewed that education is a long-term investment for every individual, so he deemed it to be quite unfortunate if it is missed.

"Later, we will send (the information) to all (personnel), including those who are on duty in underdeveloped, outermost, or conflict-affected areas. Later, (Pertamina University) will make a short video (about the program)," he stated.

Moreover, citing information from its official website, the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry extended cooperation with personnel of the Indonesian Army (TNI AD) in strengthening the learning process and competence.

Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel Iwan Syahril said the urgency of cooperation between the two is increasing in line with the government's soft power approach to overcome problems in the eastern region of Indonesia.

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