Jakarta (ANTARA) - The text of the original proclamation of independence written by national founder and first president Soekarno will be showcased at the Merdeka Palace during Indonesia's Independence Day ceremony on August 17.

The Presidential Secretariat received the original proclamation text from the National Archives of Indonesia (ANRI) on Tuesday, and it will be on display along with the red-and-white heirloom flag.

"This is the third year of the Presidential Secretariat's cooperation with ANRI to present and display the original proclamation text with the heirloom flag at Merdeka Palace during the Indonesian Independence commemoration ceremony in 2022," Presidential Secretariat's Administration Bureau Head, Sony Kartiko, stated here, Tuesday.

Kartiko noted that ANRI had assessed the conditions of the room expected to host the display at the Merdeka Palace to ensure no harm to the national relic.

"Praise be to God, prerequisites have been fulfilled for the room at the palace to serve as the temporary display area for the proclamation text," he noted.

The Presidential Secretariat also participated in ANRI's annual risk assessment process to ensure the national relic will be preserved in good condition for future generations, the department head affirmed.

Kartiko noted that the Presidential Secretariat would return the proclamation text to the National Archives on Thursday (August 18).

"We, representing the Presidential Secretariat leadership, express our utmost gratitude to ANRI's support and cooperation for this event," he remarked.

Meanwhile, ANRI Chairperson Imam Gunarto also lauded all parties that partook in the process to display the original proclamation text during Independence Day at the Merdeka Palace.

"To continue what we have done in the preceding years, the ANRI, the Presidential Secretariat, and the State Secretariat have together prepared the national heirloom delivery ceremony, and the original proclamation text written by Soekarno will also be displayed during the 77th anniversary of Indonesia's Independence," Gunarto stated.

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