Hopefully, in two weeks at the latest, the price of chicken eggs will be normal
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan has said that the price of chicken eggs is expected to return to normal levels in two weeks on the back of efforts to stabilize demand and increase production.

After meeting President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the Presidential Palace here on Thursday, Hasan explained that the recent increase in egg prices was triggered by soaring demand amid inadequate supply or production.

"Hopefully, in two weeks at the latest, the price of chicken eggs will be normal," he added.

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According to the minister, one of the factors behind the increasing demand for eggs is the social assistance program, under which chicken eggs are being provided to the community. Due to the provision of social assistance, the demand for chicken eggs has skyrocketed in several regions.

Hasan said that he had met with representatives of egg entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs asked that the assistance be given periodically so that the production can meet demand, he informed.

"The suggestion is: is it possible that the assistance be provided every month because the eggs cannot be (produced) fast,” he said.

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According to Hasan, currently, the average price of eggs is Rp31 thousand per kilogram. He affirmed that he will seek to lower the price at the balance point so that the burden on consumers is not too much, while farmers can still benefit from the price increase.

"Indeed, the price of chicken eggs is at Rp31 thousand now, but when I occupied (inaugurated as Minister of Trade), it was Rp32 thousand. Now, it is Rp31 thousand, and it once dropped to Rp26 thousand–Rp25 thousand," he noted.

The moderate price of chicken eggs is Rp27 thousand to Rp28 thousand, and the price of Rp31 thousand is way too high, he said.

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