Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Pantau Gambut Platform confirmed that 64 percent of the peatland fires occurred outside concession areas, based on observations of satellite imagery and data on forest and land fires in Indonesia for the 2015-2019 period.

"We also monitor fires that occur in peatlands wherein 64 percent of them occur outside concession areas," Diani Nafitri from an online platform that provides information on peat ecosystem restoration activities, Pantau Gambut, stated during a virtual press conference followed here on Monday.

She explained that 64 percent is the total area of ​​burned peatlands outside the concession area, and it mostly happened in 8 provinces with peat areas. However, for several provinces such as Jambi, Riau, Central Kalimantan, most of the forest and land fires occur on peatlands within concession areas.

According to the search results, she said 18.4 percent of the land fires in non-concession areas were detected within a one-kilometer radius of the outer boundary of the concession area on peatlands.

Nafitri remarked that the data showed the need for monitoring peatlands near concession areas.

In the meantime, Tengku Ibrahim from Kaliptra Andalas Riau stated that areas that have lost tree cover should be prioritized in the efforts to prevent and control peatland fires.

He said peatlands that have lost tree cover, including those around concession areas, are prone to fire.

"It becomes our reference to prioritize monitoring in areas indicated by tree cover loss, as there is a high probability that fires will occur in those areas," he remarked.

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