Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Police's Anti-terror Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88) is taking over the investigation from the Jakarta Police of the case of a woman, who attempted to trespass the Merdeka Palace on Tuesday (October 25).

"The investigation of the attempted attack on the Presidential Palace last Tuesday (October 25) will be handled by the Police's Densus 88 squad," Indonesian Police's Public Information Bureau Head Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan stated here, Friday.

Investigation of the suspect, identified as Siti Elina, SE, aged 24, is ongoing, he remarked while adding that the suspect is not cooperating with investigators.

"The investigation process is still ongoing, but until now, suspect SE remains silent and is not cooperative," Ramadhan noted.

On a separate occasion, Densus 88 Operational Assistance Department Head Senior Commissioner Aswin Siregar confirmed that the special squad took over the investigation on Wednesday (October 26).

He noted that apart from Siti Elina, the police had named two other suspects: Bahrul Ulum, Elina's husband, and Jamaluddin, Elina's religious teacher.

Siregar clarified that Ulum was arrested for another case despite actions against him being taken following the investigation on Elina. Ulum is suspected of being involved in the Islamic State of Indonesia (NII) movement, yet he is not related to Elina's attempted trespassing at the palace, he elaborated.

"Her husband has no relation to Elina's attempted trespassing at the palace, yet we found that her husband is involved in NII, which has been outlawed for years," he noted.

Ulum was found to declare allegiance (bay'ah) to NII and recognized the organization. Despite not involving himself in the group, Ulum often assisted the NII treasury, Siregar stated.

Meanwhile, Jamaluddin was arrested after being suspected to indoctrinate his pupils with radicalism.

He remarked that all suspects would be charged under Article 7 of Government Regulation In Lieu of Law No. 1 of 2002 on eradication of terrorism.

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Translator: Laily Rahmawaty, Nabil Ihsan
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