We also hope that the (innovation) results we develop can overcome Indonesia's dependence on foreign technology.
Kebumen, C Java (ANTARA) - Several Centers for Standardization and Industrial Services (BBSPJIs) of the Industry Ministry partook in the Indo Defence 2022 Expo & Forum to showcase their innovations that could support the national defense equipment industry.

"With the development of these products and technologies, we are optimistic that the performance of the (domestic) defense industry will be better. Thus, it can contribute significantly to national economic growth and support import substitution policies," Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment, and Electronics (ILMATE) of the ministry Taufiek Bawzier noted in a statement on Friday.

Bawzier expressed optimism that the innovations by BBSPJIs would be absorbed by both the domestic and global defense equipment industry.

"Hence, we facilitate several (innovation) results of the Industry Ministry to be presented at the Indo Defence 2022," he affirmed.

At the exhibition, held on November 2-5, 2022, in Jakarta, the Industrial Agriculture BBSPJI showcased a food testing technology for military purposes.

Head of Industrial Agriculture BBSPJI Siti Rohmah Siregar remarked that the center also provided various technical services to the community and industrial agriculture players, especially in the food and beverage as well as fertilizer industries.

Meanwhile, the Metal and Engine BBSPJI presented a steel-plated track link for tanks, which is equipped with rubber pads, thereby reducing noise and facilitating the operation of the tank on paved roads.

"The modification is one of the factors that supported this research in obtaining a patent. Another advantage of the track link includes its ability to run on muddy area, as it is equipped with small paddle-like parts," the BBSPJI head, Gunawan, stated.

Furthermore, the Non-metallic Ceramics and Mineral BBSPJI brought bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets, as well as coating product for military vehicles as a substitute for steel.

The invention of the bulletproof helmet is the result of research collaboration with the Research and Development Agency of the Defense Ministry and state-run weapon manufacturer PT Pindad.

"We always support the improvement of the domestic defence equipment industry. We also hope that the (innovation) results we develop can overcome Indonesia's dependence on foreign technology," Head of the center Azhar Fitri remarked.

In addition, Textile BBSPJI introduced the use of chitosan as an anti-bacterial substance on military uniforms. Chitosan is a by-product of marine commodities that can reduce bacterial growth in textiles by over 90 percent.

“With this chitosan-based finishing agent, the uniforms will not easily smell, although they have not been washed for several days. It can certainly increase the (level of) comfort and hygiene of the military or police personnel," Head of Textile BBSPJI Cahyadi stated.

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