Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry emphasized the importance of the Pancasila Student Profile strengthening project (P5), as it will influence Indonesia's demographic bonus in 2045.

"It is true that P5 is important for the demographic bonus. We have to be heedful because the younger generation will be the (stakeholders). Hence, if we do not have the character (of the Pancasila student profile), then we will face a void (in the positions of being stakeholders)," Acting Head of the Character Strengthening Center Hendarman stated during the event "Say Hello to SMK (vocational high school) Students: Love the Country, Be a Nowadays' Hero" here on Monday.

Hendarman elaborated that the Pancasila Student Profile comprised six character traits of being faithful, having piety of God and noble character, having global nationality, cooperation, independence, and critical reasoning and creativity.

He affirmed that students in the country must lead their lives by having these six character traits. He believes that otherwise, it is feared that Indonesia would not be able to maximize the existing demographic bonus, and thus, face various obstacles instead.

"For instance, if we are not critical, what will happen? We could be easily lied to and are lazy to find (reliable) information," he stated.

Another example is if the Indonesian nation is unable to cooperate, then it will result in a division if it continues to occur, Hendarman added.

"Remember, in Pancasila, this nation essentially (came) from mutual cooperation. If we are not able to work together, then there will be separation. Imagine if there is a division in a demographic bonus," he stated.

To that end, he invited members of the younger generation, including school students, teachers, principals, parents, and all sections of society, to jointly intensify the implementation of P5.

"Hence, we are ready to make Indonesia greater," he concluded.

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