Cianjur, West Java (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo on Tuesday handed out fast food to people taking shelter at the Prawatasari Park evacuation post following the 5.6-magnitude earthquake in Cianjur district, West Java, the previous day.

In every tent he visited, the President greeted the refugees—who ranged from children to the elderly—taking shelter there temporarily.

"Do you like chicken? This is chicken. Eat it; it's still hot," he remarked while speaking to residents in the evacuation tents.

The head of state also provided logistical assistance in the form of staple foods to the refugees. He also expressed his condolences over the disaster, which claimed many lives in the area.

Currently, the government has prepared a budget for the renovation of homes destroyed by the natural disaster.

"Later, Rp50 million (US$3,192) will help for the heavy (damage, red), Rp25 million (US$1,596) for moderate ones, Rp10 million (US$638) for light ones. Later, when the earthquake has calmed down, alright, start building houses, okay," he said.

One of the refugees, Yuli, lauded President Widodo’s visit.

She said she was grateful to receive the basic needs assistance from the President.

"Hopefully, (what the President gave) it will be replaced (by God). Amen. Thank you very much," she remarked.

Another refugee, Yanti, expressed the hope that the assistance distributed by Widodo amid his busy schedule would be beneficial for other refugees.

"Thank you to Mister (President) who has taken the time (to visit us, despite) being busy, of course. Anyway, thank you," Yanti remarked.

A 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck Cianjur, West Java, on Monday afternoon, damaging several buildings and claiming 162 lives.

At least 362 people sustained mild to serious injuries, 2,345 homes were heavily damaged, and around 13,400 people had to seek shelter elsewhere due to the quake.

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