From the name alone, it is certainly about humans. Humans as individuals, humans as groups, even humans as a nation, and global society
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chairperson of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) Atnike Nova Sigiro has said that human rights issues are not just limited to the legal sphere, but involve other aspects such as social welfare.

"From the name alone, it is certainly about humans. Humans as individuals, humans as groups, even humans as a nation, and global society," she said at a seminar on “Human Rights and Social Welfare,” on Friday.

Therefore, translating human rights requires knowledge of humans as individuals and as a group, she added.

She made similar remarks to the selection committee team during the selection of candidates for the post of Komnas HAM Commissioners for 2022–2027.

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"All humans are equal, both men and women," she stressed.

However, on a larger scale such as in society, ideas about equality do not always manifest clearly. Under such conditions, scientists who are active in social aspects must try to find ways to translate equality into ideas on empirical or real equality.

According to Sigiro, social welfare is closely related to human rights. This has even been laid down in the 4th paragraph of the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution, which essentially protects the nation and promotes general welfare.

"In the fourth paragraph, it begins with general welfare and concludes with social welfare," she noted.

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In other words, the Constitution is clearly attentive to social issues, while placing political and security issues in the middle, she pointed out.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that everyone deserves a decent living. Therefore, one of the contributions of human rights agencies has been removing the stigma arising from social problems faced by individuals.

In general, human rights issues are closely tied to universal responsibility, she added. For example, when the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all countries helped each other in dealing with it.

Some countries produced the COVID-19 vaccine and then distributed it to other countries, including Indonesia. So, it is fitting to say that human rights are closely related to social welfare, she added.

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