Jakarta (ANTARA) - Special Staff to the President Billy Mambrasar stated that the development of green jobs in Indonesia should be supported by educational equality and integration of a green mindset.

"Although our Human Development Index (HDI) numbers have risen rapidly, there is a huge gap," Mambrasar stated during the virtual 2022 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Annual Conference here on Friday.

He highlighted that although the Indonesian Human Development Index in 2022 had reached 72.91, the development of human resources was still inequitable in the country.

He cited as an example how the HDI in big cities, such as Jakarta, is almost 80, while it remains at around 50 in other regions.

"It means that we, as a nation, want to go up. We talk about green jobs, (then we must) start first from education. There must be equality first. The message about green jobs or sustainable (must) reach all regions," he explained.

He said the green mindset must be supported by the education curriculum as early as possible.

For this reason, green and sustainable development mindsets must be integrated in the educational curriculum that should reach all communities in the country.

He cited as an example how education in Merauke, Papua, whose area offers several jobs in agriculture, can be integrated with sustainability courses, such as how to use organic fertilizers.

"We have to provide jobs, make sure they can work, and how that green mindset is incorporated into the curriculum as early as possible," Mambrasar said.

Earlier, on February 8, 2022, the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) along with German development company GIZ had held Indonesia's Green Jobs Conference: “The Future Starts Now" as part of the Indonesia-Germany cooperation project in inclusive sustainable economic development.

"(By) building green jobs in Indonesia, this coordination focuses on climate and energy, including green infrastructure, environment, and natural resources as well as various kinds of training for sustainable economic development," German Ambassador to Indonesia, ASEAN and Timor-Leste Ina Lepel stated.

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