Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) has said that it will start focusing its stunting handling efforts on families residing in uninhabitable homes this year.

“Thus, families with no toilets, (who are living) in uninhabitable homes, with unclean water must become a priority. For that reason, BKKBN has data on families that are at risk of stunting,” Head of the agency Hasto Wardoyo said at the Indonesia Planning Time (WIB) event aired on Friday.

The agency is continuing to compile the "by name, by address" data of families that are at risk of stunting in order to provide appropriate interventions and expedite stunting reduction, he added.

Families living in uninhabitable homes have become the main focus because the results of stunting audits have shown that uninhabitable homes increase the potential of stunting in children.

For example, some children become stunted due to repeated diarrhea as a result of the water at their homes being contaminated with feces or limited access to clean toilets and sanitation.

Another group that has become the focus of BKKBN comprises families with parents who are too young or too old in age.

Such families are at risk of stunting because of the possibility that they may not be using contraception, which would result in shorter pregnancy intervals or pregnancy at a risky age.

In addition, the government is focusing on providing assistance to prospective brides and grooms, Wardoyo said.

The assistance involves providing education on good measures to prepare women for a healthy pregnancy.

"We have to care about those who want to get married," he stated.

The BKKBN head further said that for stunting reduction acceleration in 2023, his agency will continue to boost education among the community regarding the importance of getting health checks to monitor hemoglobin levels, measuring height, weight, and upper arm circumference, and consulting with medical personnel.

He said he hoped that everyone would start to become aware and help prospective pregnant women maintain their health so that babies are not born stunted.

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Translator: Hreeloita Dharma, Raka Adji
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