Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the Pancasila Ideology Education Agency (BPIP) Yudian Wahyudi has called for the implementation of the values of the national ideology Pancasila, including through a mutual inter-institutional cooperation to prevent stunting in Indonesia.

"(I) encourage cooperation between institutions, so that the spirit to implement Pancasila values is maintained in all fields of national development," Wahyudi said while delivering remarks at the "Kick-Off Meeting Pancasila in Action" event here on Thursday.

"This is especially for national development in priority fields that support the actualization of the development of quality human resources," he added.

Stunting prevention is one of the national priority programs. The program aims to improve the quality of human resources, so that the country can achieve a demographic dividend.

Wahyudi believes that implementing the values of Pancasila will make the stunting prevention program a success.

"Mr President has given direction on the importance of equally distributing health facilities and stunting prevention in regions," he said.

The BPIP head emphasized that equal distribution of health facilities and stunting prevention efforts in regions is the responsibility of all parties that should be carried out in accordance with the tasks and functions of their respective institutions.

Apart from stunting prevention, he stressed that the actualization of Pancasila values has a role in preventing sexual violence against children and women, domestic violence, and in anticipating disasters.

By implementing Pancasila values through varied approaches, including cooperation between institutions, Wahyudi is optimistic that Indonesia would be able to address those various issues.

Indonesia's stunting prevalence declined by 2.8 percentage points to 21.6 percent in 2022, from 24.4 percent in 2021, based on the 2022 Indonesian Nutritional Status Survey (SSGI) of a sample of 334,848 babies and children under the age of five.

The Indonesian government aims to reduce stunting prevalence to 14 percent by 2024.

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