Do not be swayed by irresponsible sponsors
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah has called on Indonesian migrant workers, who came home to Indonesia, to become ambassadors that encourage prospective migrant workers to comply with the placement procedure and mechanism.

"They can tell their relatives or neighbors that if they want to work abroad, then they have to work based on the procedure," she remarked in a statement here on Sunday.

"Do not be swayed by irresponsible sponsors," Fauziyah cautioned.

Through this proper mechanism and procedure, the government can provide protection to Indonesian migrant workers, starting from before, during, and when they end their working period in the placement country.

By following the proper procedure, they can receive a work contract that stipulates who they work for, how much they are paid, what rights do they have, and what obligations they have, she expounded.

"This is all stipulated. If they have that, then the country provides its obligation and its protection," she remarked while meeting with Indonesian migrant workers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sunday.

On the sidelines of the work visit to Saudi Arabia, the minister also took time out to meet with several Indonesian migrant workers facing trouble.

During that meeting, Fauziyah also emphasized the importance of becoming a migrant worker through proper procedure and mechanism.

"If you want to work again, use proper procedure and mechanism, so that you do not have to work in secret and can become an ambassador for procedural placement," she affirmed.

Through the statement, Fauziyah also noted that her ministry is strengthening several strategies to develop manpower link and match as well as expansion of the overseas work market in confronting future challenges.

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