Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government will take firm action against foreign nationals who violate Indonesian laws and norms, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno has said.

"We are ready to welcome guests with open arms, with utmost hospitality. But that does not mean that firm action will not be taken against tourists who make troubles, who commit acts (that violate the) law and norms," he elaborated during an online discussion on Monday.

"We are very welcoming toward foreign tourists, we roll out the red carpet (for them). However, they have to follow the law, the norms, and we will take strict measures if they violate the law. Of course, we will ensure that their (trip) can be safe, convenient, and delightful," he added.

The minister said that his administration will inform tourists of the dos and don'ts in Indonesia so that they understand the state's expectations well and follow suit.

In pursuing the effort to disseminate information, the ministry is coordinating with other stakeholders such as regional governments in Bali Province as well as the Presidential Staff Office, he disclosed.

Uno said that he will improve the control mechanism of law enforcement to address the issue of foreigners working in Indonesia illegally.

"So monitoring and control from fellows at police force, and we also coordinate with fellows from immigration (office) and other ministries, institutions, and there is also the need for supervision and disciplining by business players toward foreign tourists and social sanctions, which will be imposed," he expounded.

He cited the example of the motorbike rental business. The owners of such businesses must make sure that the renter wears a helmet, keeps the original license plate number as is, and ensure that the renter follows the traffic rules, the minister said.

He also affirmed that foreign nationals can work in Indonesia, provided they have the appropriate visa. Moreover, they are allowed to work as long as they do not take up jobs meant for locals.

The government has barred foreigners from conducting businesses such as trading, opening driving schools, and offering photography services, saying the jobs must be left for Indonesians who actually need them.

"Foreign nationals with certain visas will be instructed to do things which are appropriate as per the permit they obtain when they enter Indonesian territory," Minister Uno said.

Those who enter Indonesia on tourism visas must only do as allowed, he added.

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