Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA) - Located in Indonesia's western tip, Sabang City in Aceh is a suitable venue for hosting water sports events since it is famous for marine tourism, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has said.

"Sports tourism is very popular in Indonesia and the world, and Sabang is very ready (to hold) nautical sports events," director of local events at the ministry, Reza Fahlevi, said in Sabang city on Monday.

Weh Island in Sabang, which is rich in sea resources, is well-known on foreign shores. Hence, Fahlevi said, Sabang can hold marine sports events such as a triathlon series, bike racing, marathons, Gran Fondo, and others.

It can also host water sports such as diving, open-water swimming, and finswimming.

"The ministry actually has an agenda for Sabang to be one of the Wonderful Triathlon Series hosts," Fahlevi, who also serves as the acting mayor of Sabang, said.

Recently, the Sabang City Government held the 2023 Sabang Marine Festival (SMF) with the theme of “Sabang as The Gate To Indonesian Maritime Wealth,” which highlighted the region's maritime and cultural potential.

During the event, Sabang City Administration and the Sabang Free Trade Agency (BPKS) also held an Open Water Swimming (OWS) Competition to promote the potential of sports tourism.

"Other than to show the ability of athletes, this activity is a way to promote sports tourism in Sabang City," the city's Head of Youth and Sports, Irfani, said.

Sabang in Weh Island, which offers many natural attractions such as beautiful coral reefs and activities such as snorkeling and diving, is located 14 nautical miles from the province's capital, Banda Aceh.

One of the historical attractions of Sabang City, which has been designated as a free port area, is a Japanese fort. The city is also home to the Indonesian western region zero-kilometer monument. (INE)


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