Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta Health Service has reported that a medical examination conducted on a second patient affected by the XBB.1.16 or Arcturus variant showed indications of having developed pneumonia.

"The second patient of COVID-19 with the Arcturus variant in Jakarta experienced a severe cough with pneumonia," said Ngabila Salama, the head of immunization surveillance of the Jakarta Health Service, in Jakarta on Friday.

With these findings, she reminded all those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, such as cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, nausea, vomiting, and anosmia, to immediately undergo checkup at the nearest community health center (puskesmas).

Salama stated that most cases found in puskesmas were from family transmission.

According to data in India, the Arcturus variant, which is still an omicron derivative, is said to have new symptoms that are different from other variants, such as red eyes and increased discharge in the eyes.

Salama said that examinations at the puskesmas could be accessed free of charge by the community residing in Jakarta or recorded as Jakarta's residents.

"PCR services at puskesmas in Jakarta are provided free of charge during working hours for people having symptoms suspected to be of COVID-19 or had come in close contact with positive cases of COVID-19," she noted.

The public can also access free antigen service round the clock at puskesmas at the sub-district level in Jakarta, she revealed.

Salama stated that her side will continue to increase genome sequencing for all positive cases found in Jakarta from public health laboratories (labkesmas) and the private sector.

She reminded the people to not panic and hoped that they would continue to work together to strengthen immunity through leading a healthy lifestyle and getting vaccinations.

Earlier, through a separate confirmation, the Indonesian Health Ministry reported that two patients infected with the Arcturus variant, who had received three doses of vaccination, were declared cured.

"The patient, with the initials TSH (56), was positively identified with the Arcturus variant based on a test on March 24, 2023, at the Jakarta GSI Laboratory. TSH is known to be an overseas traveler from India who traveled in March 2023," the ministry's spokesperson, Mohammad Syahril, remarked.

He stated that TSH had experienced symptoms in the form of cough, runny nose, and muscle aches, with comorbid hypertension. He had been declared cured after conducting independent isolation.

The ministry also traced three people, who had come in close contact with TSH, i.e., his wife and two children.

"His wife has symptoms of cough and runny nose, but the results of the epidemiological investigation are negative. Meanwhile, the two children are asymptomatic and tested negative," he stated.

Meanwhile, the second patient, with the initials as NFA (30), a non-traveling woman in Jakarta, was confirmed to have been infected with the Arcturus variant based on sampling conducted on March 29, 2023, at the RSPISS Jakarta Laboratory.

She experienced symptoms such as cough, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, pneumonia, and difficulty eating, with no comorbidities.

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