Makassar, South Sulawesi (ANTARA) - Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan and Makassar Mayor Ramdhan Pomanto conducted an impromptu inspection at Terong Market, Makassar, South Sulawesi, to check the prices of staple goods.

"To know the updates on staple goods' prices in practice, I have visited some areas, previously to Sorong," Minister Hasan informed reporters following the activity at Terong Market on Wednesday.

Based on the inspection, the prices of goods, such as eggs, chili, and shallots, had become cheaper, he stated. Meanwhile, the prices of other items, such as chicken and standard rice, still remain as usual, the minister added.

He noted that eggs were sold at Rp25 thousand (US$1.7) per kilogram; chili, at Rp25 thousand per kilogram; shallot, at Rp35 thousand (US$2.38) per kilogram; chicken, at Rp40 kilogram (US$2.72); and cooking oil, at Rp14 thousand (US$1) per litre.

On the occasion, he and the Makassar mayor as well as the officials present there then visited some of the market's stalls selling cooking oil, eggs, rice, and chicken.

Mayor Pomanto stated that the inspection activity of that day showed that all prices of staple goods are under control.

When President Jokowi visited Terong Market last month, the price of chili was capped at Rp40 thousand per kilogram, though currently, it was just Rp25 thousand per kilogram.

It showed that inflation has decreased, as it was 5.99 percent last month, while in May, it was recorded at 4.87 percent, Pomanto stated.

He cited the provincial Trade Office and other stakeholders' performance as well as the right initiatives as the keys to the success in pushing down the prices of staple goods.

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Translator: Suriani Mappong, Mecca Yumna
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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