Medina, Saudi Arabia (ANTARA) - The Indonesian government has prepared two Indonesian Hajj Health Service (KKHI) located in Medina and Mecca to accommodate Indonesian Hajj pilgrims' needs for health services.

"KKHI Mecca is located in a strategic location, namely near the Grand Mosque, Mina, and the road to Arafah. Usually, at the peak of the Hajj pilgrimage around 5 to 9 Dzulhijjah, KKHI Mecca has been filled with Hajj pilgrims, who are starting to get tired and sick," head of the Hajj Health Center, Liliek Marhaendro Susilo, noted in a press statement in Medina, Monday.

According to Susilo, the two KKHI operating during the Hajj pilgrimage comprise one for the Mecca region located in Aziziyah Janubiyah, while the KKHI in Medina is located in Al Arid.

Susilo stated that KKHI provides health services ranging from outpatient services, inpatient care, emergency, intensive/high care units, referrals, supporting examinations, sanitation services, nutrition services, safari services, accommodating return flight for sick pilgrims, and evacuation.

KKHI Mecca has a capacity of 257 beds comprising 223 inpatient beds, 10 beds in the ICU, and 24 beds in the Emergency Room (ER). In addition, KKHI Mecca is equipped with a dental polyclinic and medical rehabilitation facility and laboratories as well as offers pharmaceutical services and supporting facilities, such as operating rooms, ultrasound, EKG, echocardiography, and three emergency ambulance units, he revealed.

To handle the peak of the pilgrimage, KKHI Mecca is also equipped to provide services through specialists, such as internists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, physical and rehabilitation medicine doctors, and aviation medicine doctors.

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Meanwhile, KKHI Medina, on a smaller scale as compared to Mecca, has a capacity of 69 beds comprising 10 beds for ER, 7 beds for ICU, 2 beds for Isolation, 43 beds for Inpatient Care, and 7 beds for psychiatry. KKHI Medina is also equipped with laboratories, pharmacies, dental clinics, 11 ambulance units, as well as supporting facilities, such as ultrasound, EKG, and echocardiography, Susilo stated.

"The two KKHI have services similar to hospital with specialists' service," he remarked.

KKHI Medina provides services of specialists, including anesthesiologists, surgeons, emergency service specialists, cardiologists, internists, pulmonologists, neurologists, orthopedic specialists, and psychiatrists.

The provision of these health services is part of the government's efforts in reducing the death rate of Indonesian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia and ensuring the smooth implementation of pilgrimage, he noted.

"We hope that Hajj pilgrims, with health problems, can still fulfill their pilgrimage duty," Susilo stated.

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