Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned oil and gas giant PT Pertamina is preparing reliable human resources to implement the energy transition program in Indonesia through ways, including synergy between Pertamina University and two universities from Japan: Tokyo University and Kyushu University.

President Director of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati, in a statement in Jakarta on Tuesday, welcomed the signing of the cooperation agreement that took place on the sidelines of the 28th Nikkei Forum in Tokyo, Japan, Friday (May 26).

Pertamina assessed the importance of boosting the abilities of human resources in line with efforts to improve its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating, from 41.6 (severe) in 2021 that then rose to 28.1 (medium), and in October 2022, it climbed to 22.1 (medium).

With the ESG score, Pertamina is currently placed second in the world in the integrated oil and gas company category based on the Sustainalytics ranking.

"Hence, the next journey is to prepare human resources and strengthen research and development for energy transition. One of the initiatives is to build a sustainability academy at Pertamina University and build cooperation with global universities. Pertamina University's collaboration with Tokyo University and Kyushu University is part of the plan," Widyawati stated.

She said Pertamina's presence at the Nikkei Forum was a form of support as well as motivation for the company to continue to carry out initiatives in producing clean energy in Indonesia.

At the international forum, Nikkei Forum presents several global class speakers, government leaders, businesspersons, and academics in Asia-Pacific, including Pertamina. The issue discussed was the role of Asian countries in the world.

At the Nikkei Forum, Director of Strategy, Portfolio, and Business Development of Pertamina Salyadi Saputra highlighted Pertamina's commitment to supporting the Indonesian Government to achieve the Net Zero Emission (NZE) target in 2060 by developing asset decarbonization and conducting green business development.

"Indonesia is now paying more attention to climate change. To support this, we have formulated an NZE roadmap, consisting of two pillars, namely decarbonization and NRE (new and renewable energy)," Saputra noted in a presentation at the forum.

Widyawati also believes that Indonesia and Pertamina have vast potential in these two pillars. Hence, to this end, Pertamina is always open to building partnerships, both domestically and at the global level.

"Collaboration between companies and governments and the most important thing is collaboration between (the citizens of) humanity to contribute to concrete actions to achieve the goal of providing access to sustainable energy and protecting our climate for generations to come," Widyawati stated.

Meanwhile, VP of Corporate Communication of Pertamina Fadjar Djoko Santoso explained that the company's commitment to ESG and its implementation in every line of business is a form of Pertamina's seriousness.

"Our commitment is to become a company that is not only environmentally friendly but also prepares a company road map in order to support sustainability," Santoso affirmed.

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