Hence, this year, we are attempting to add more toilets, thus the ratio will become 1:50.
Madinah, Saudi Arabia (ANTARA) - Hajj officers (PPIH) deployed by the Religious Affairs Ministry for the 2023/1444 Hijri pilgrimage season have made four service improvements for Indonesian pilgrims in Arafah and Mina, Saudi Arabia.

So far, the ratio of toilets set up in Arafah against the number of Hajj pilgrims is 1:150, Deputy Head of PPIH for the 1444 Hijri Pilgrimage Season Nasrullah Jasam said while attending an event held by PPIH of Mecca Working Area in Jarwal, Mecca, on Tuesday.

"Hence, this year, we are attempting to add more toilets, thus the ratio will become 1:50," he informed.

He stated that his party has continued to monitor the provision of additional toilets by a local service provider company.

Furthermore, the official informed that his party has also made efforts to enhance the comfort of Indonesian pilgrims during their stay in tents in Arafah by covering the floor of the tents with fine sand, carpets, and foam mats.

"Supported by the air conditioner, covering the floor with fine sand is expected to make the temperature (inside the tents) cooler," he explained.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi urged all pilgrims to maintain their health as the Hajj season is being implemented in the midst of summer when temperatures in Saudi Arabia can reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, the third improvement has been the establishment of an electricity grid in Arafah so that pilgrims staying in the area would no longer need to rely on generators, which offer less stable power, to electrify their tents.

"The (electrical) installation has been fully completed this year, thus currently, more electric power is available. The facility is expected to make the air conditioner cooler and the electric supply for medical devices optimal," Jasam informed.

Another improvement has been the installation of ceramic tiles on the floors of pilgrims’ tents in Mina. Earlier, the tent floors were made of bricks.

"Hence, now the floor becomes more even. It is expected that after the floor is covered with carpet and foam mats, the tent will become more comfortable to be used,” the official said.

He added that his party is continuously communicating with the Saudi Arabian authorities to ensure the smooth implementation of the 1444 Hijri Hajj pilgrimage.

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