Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated that the Indonesian nation's endeavor to realize equitable and just development should continue beyond his presidency by his successors.

Jokowi made his remarks while presiding over the Pancasila Day ceremony to commemorate the birth of the national ideology of Pancasila at the National Monument (Monas) complex here on Thursday.

"At present, we are still fighting to realize just and equitable development. It needs continuity and sustainability. Government personnel can change, but our struggle should not stop," the president stated.

In his remarks, the president highlighted Indonesia's success as one of the only several countries that could maintain economic, social, and political stability; controlled inflation; investment progress; and job creation amid the ongoing global challenges.

The achievements were realized by contributions played by all elements of the nation united and persevering to work hard and collectively to make the Indonesian nation overcome challenges and be respected by the world, he emphasized

"The foundation of all of it is the Pancasila ideology presented by the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno," Jokowi stated.

Pancasila should be the ideology that all Indonesians adhere to in order to maintain national unity and progress, the head of state affirmed.

Apart from realizing just and equitable development, the president said he also aspired to realize welfare and justice through conducting structural reform, improving the quality of human resources, conducting industrial downstreaming, and developing the new capital Nusantara.

He also expressed hope that the nation's assets would be utilized optimally for the best interests of the people.

"We are keen to see people outside Java also enjoy significant benefits from the ongoing developments," Jokowi remarked.

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