Jakarta (ANTARA) - Investment Minister and Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Head Bahlil Lahadalia stated that Indonesia has the best market potential in the future among Southeast Asian countries for investors, especially those from Dubai.

"It is a wise decision that the United Arab Emirates' Chamber of Commerce, particularly Dubai, opens an office here because here is the best market in Southeast Asia in the future," Lahadalia noted.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Dubai International Chamber's International Office here on Tuesday (June 6), he explained that Indonesia has the best market potential as its GDP, the highest in the Southeast Asian region, is gradually increasing.

The country will also enjoy a demographic dividend in 2035, the target year when Indonesia will be among the countries with the highest GDP globally, he affirmed.

According to the 2022 investment data, Indonesia's investment value outside the oil and gas, financial, and micro and small enterprises sectors had reached US$83 billion, of which 54 percent originated from foreign direct investment (FDI).

Singapore remains the largest foreign investor in Indonesia followed by China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Malaysia, while the United Arab Emirates is not among the top 10 countries, he remarked.

Meanwhile, the minister appealed to Emirati investors to invest directly in Indonesia instead of through a hub country, such as Singapore, while promising to improve services to investors.

"My question is, why do you invest through another country? Are we not serving you well? If yes, tell us where we are lacking and anything you want," Lahadalia emphasized.

The minister said Emirati investors only need to bring their capital and technology to Indonesia, as all aspects regarding permit and investment will be facilitated by the government.

He affirmed that collaboration between Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates would bolster the two countries standing as emerging players in the future global economy.

"I invite colleagues from the United Arab Emirates to invest here. The government will arrange the permit and incentives, and you can bring only your technology, capital, and half of the market. The rest will be my responsibility. I will arrange it," the minister remarked.

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Translator: Kuntum Khaira R, Nabil Ihsan
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