Huawei renews MoU and cooperation with Indonesia’s top cyber security agency

Shenzhen/Dongguan, China (ANTARA) - Huawei has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting cyber security knowledge sharing through the renewal of the MoU on cyber security cooperation with Indonesia’s highest cybersecurity body National Cyber and Crypto Agency of the Republic of Indonesia (BSSN). The signing ceremony was also made on the sidelines of the BSSN’s visits to the Huawei Headquarters in Shenzhen and the Huawei Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection Transparency Center in Dongguan, both located in China.

The cooperation between BSSN and Huawei was signed by Chief of BSSN Lieutenant General (Ret.) Hinsa Siburian and Guo Hailong, CEO of Huawei Indonesia. Witnessing the ceremony was Sean Yang, Huawei Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Officer.

Also present in the ceremony were Andi Yusuf, M.T., Director of Cybersecurity Operations, Sigit Kurniawan, Acting Director of Cybersecurity and Crypto Strategy, First Marshal R. Tjahyo Khurniawan, S.T.,M.Si, Director of National Cyber and Crypto Polytechnic (Poltek SSN), and Syarbeni, Cyber Security and Privacy Officer of Huawei Indonesia.

Commenting on the renewal of commitment for cooperation between BSSN and Huawei, Chief of BSSN Lieutenant General (Ret.) Hinsa Siburian lauded Huawei for the successful implementation of the cooperation and for the significant contributions to the improvement of the capabilities of both BSSN personnel and BSSN stakeholders.

“In accordance with the spirit of quad-helix cooperation in the Cyber and Crypto Security Strategy, the private sector plays an equally important role in securing national cyber space, so it is essential to maintain and nurture this cooperation between BSSN and Huawei. We really hope that Huawei can continue to participate and promote increased cybersecurity literacy in society, as part of the national #JagaRuangSiber (Protect the Cyberspace) movement. We also expect a continued cyber security training program in order to adapt to the latest technological developments. Along with that, we hope that the competency development program for human resources at BSSN and BSSN stakeholders, both technical and managerial in nature, can continue to be implemented to produce reliable and competent talents in the cybersecurity field," said Hinsa Siburian.

Sean Yang, Huawei Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Officer, stressed the significance of safeguarding against cyber threats in today's digital era. He called for collaboration within the industry, sharing of best practices, and the advancement of collective capabilities in governance, standards, technology, and verification.

Sean Yang remarked, "In today's digital world, cyber security holds greater importance than ever before. It is imperative for us, as an industry, to join forces, exchange best practices, and enhance our collective abilities in areas such as governance, standards, technology, and verification. We must instill trust in both the general public and regulators regarding the security of the products and services they utilize daily. By working together, we can strike the right balance between security and development in this increasingly digital landscape."

Huawei, BSSN Forge Closer Cooperation for Bigger Contribution in Indonesia Cyber Security Development

Meanwhile, Guo Hailong, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, lauded,” The renewal of the MoU marks another milestone in our joint cyber security initiative as we aim to forge more extensive quad-helix partnerships among the governments, industries, academia, and communities.”

Since the 2019 MoU, BSSN in collaboration with Huawei has delivered over 90 programs, ranging from CyberHub Fest; 5G Security workshops; Tech Day with universities, ICT/CS workshops; to PSIRT/CSIRT workshops and KAMI Index workshops as well as certification, benefitting over 23,300 participants from over 14 ministries and government agencies, 11 universities, 14 associations, and many industries.

Syarbeni, Cyber Security and Privacy Officer (CSPO) of Huawei Indonesia said, "The cyber security challenge is complex. It cannot be solved by focusing on one vulnerability at a time. Working together is essential. To address cyber security challenges, a systematic, all-industry, full-society approach, is required. We need to build collective capabilities and combine our strengths to effectively strengthen our cybersecurity and privacy protection through knowledge sharing of best practices and close collaboration".

Under the renewed MoU, Huawei and BSSN will establish a committee to design and implement the cooperation. Both will also extend and further expand their collaboration beyond capacity building as both would join hands to facilitate advanced learning, professional certification, and competence upgrades on cyber security matters.

Being rooted in Indonesia for over 23 years, Huawei has over 2,300 staffers of whom 90 percent are locals and therefore contribute to the local economy. Guided by its four “I Do Commitments”, Huawei pushes forward for digital transformation acceleration for Indonesia in collaboration with the ecosystem stakeholders. Through “I Do Contribute commitment, it partners with the Executive Office of the President (KSP) to cultivate 100,000 Indonesian digital talents for 5 years to build a solid foundation for future-ready human capital. To date, over 80,000 talents have benefitted from the program.

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