We hope that by July 27, when (the test) will involve the general public, the operation system and the service will be improved
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The ongoing limited trial run of the Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Bekasi Light Rapid Transit (Jabodebek LRT) is aimed at ensuring system safety and operational readiness ahead of its full opening, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has informed.

"We hope that by July 27, when (the test) will involve the general public, the operation system and the service will be improved," Sumadi said while attending the LRT trial run at Harjamukti Station in Depok, West Java, according to a statement received on Wednesday.

On the occasion, the minister traveled by LRT from Harjamukti Station to Dukuh Atas Station in Central Jakarta.

Jabodebek LRT's trial run will be conducted in two phases, which will end on August 15, while full operations will commence on August 18.

In the first phase from July 12 to July 26, LRT services will be open to limited invitees, including officials, the media, and communities. Meanwhile, the second phase of the trial will involve the general public and will take place from July 27 to August 15.

The minister affirmed that residents in Jakarta's satellite cities of Bogor, Depok, and Bekasi -- all in West Java -- are keenly awaiting the Jabodebek LRT operation, which will significantly cut travel time from and to Jakarta.

"At present, the number of residents registered to try the Jabodebek LRT system has even reached tens of thousands," Sumadi said.

He then appealed to regional authorities to optimize public transportation integration in their regions, such as with the commuter railway, TransJakarta, and shared taxis, which would enhance the accessibility of Jabodebek LRT passengers in the cities that it serves.

Concurring with the minister, Didiek Hartyanto, the President Director of state railway company PT KAI, which is operating the Jabodebek LRT, said that the trial run is meant to prepare and improve all operational aspects before full operation of the service.

He said there would be 22 trips daily in the first trial phase and 434 trips daily in the second phase, with 6 carrying passengers on board.

"Through this trial, we seek to educate passengers and test the ticketing system, transportation integration, accessibility, and parking management in the station area," Hartyanto said.

Once it is fully operational, Jabodebek LRT will operate 560 trips daily on weekdays, with an average headway of 3–6 minutes, he informed.

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