Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Transportation has declared the light rail transit (LRT) train system connecting the Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, and Bekasi (Jabodebek) regions as one of Indonesia's national vital objects.

The declaration was made by the ministry through a decree issued by its Directorate General of Railway on January 8 this year.

Public Relations Manager of the Jabodebek LRT, Mahendro Trang Bawono, stated in Jakarta on Monday that the process of declaration of the train system as a national vital object had been underway since October 2023.

He noted that prior to the declaration, the Jabodebek LRT had undergone several stringent stages, such as document verification, deliberation, and field verification involving relevant stakeholders, including the Transportation Ministry's Railway Safety Directorate and National Police (Polri).

"As a train service equipped with modern technology, the Jabodebek LRT has surely been playing a strategic role in accommodating the travel needs of its users," Bawono stated.

He remarked that the Jabodebek LRT does not merely impact the lives of its passengers, as its contribution to the development of Indonesia spans across the economic, social, and cultural fields.

The manager further noted that the modern train system has been considered as a critical asset of the country, thereby prompting the need to ensure its security and safety while offering its services to the people.

He highlighted that the train's declaration as a national vital object means that security measures revolving around its services will be taken on the basis of the principle of internal security as well as provisions outlined in laws related to railway and guidance to the security of national vital objects.

"As the first automatically-driven train in Indonesia, the Jabodebek LRT requires measures for ensuring security in its stations, offices, tracks, and other supporting facilities, so that its operations are safe from disruptions," he pointed out.

Furthermore, Bawono invited people to take part in maintaining and protecting the Jabodebek LRT train, as a vital asset of Indonesia, by not committing acts of vandalism on the train and its facilities and proactively reporting indications that can lead to security disruptions.

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