Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Ambassador to South Korea Gandi Sulistyanto and his wife, Susi Sulistyanto, promoted Indonesian batik at a fashion contest in Seoul on Wednesday.

At the "2023 Ambassador for International Diplomacy and Culture Contest: Korea Hanbok Model Contest," the envoy was invited as an honorary guest to introduce a fashion that reflects Indonesia's identity.

"We are proud to promote batik diplomacy thoroughly tonight. Despite it being our first, we are thankful for the good response from the audience from the diplomatic community," Sulistyanto said, according to a written statement received here Thursday.

At the fashion contest, Sulistyanto wore a green batik cloth with contemporary design, and his wife wore an embroidered kebaya traditional cloth and a batik scarf with burung sejoli (love birds) pattern from Pekalongan, Central Java.

Envoys from Mexico, Belarus, the Philippines, Malaysia, Peru, Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Ecuador, and Nigeria were also present at the event.

Sulistyanto said his colleagues in the diplomatic community and the media have often asked him about the most effective way to promote Indonesian batik and wastra (traditional fabric art).

"I believe that it is up to our commitment as an Indonesian," the ambassador emphasized.

Sulistyanto said that since commencing duty in South Korea in 2022, he has consistently worn batik and traditional Indonesian fabric.

He also reiterated that the success of creative economy diplomacy hinges on the active role of Indonesian diplomats and embassy officials.

"Hence, I always encourage them to wear batik and traditional fabric while attending various activities. It is a form of holistic promotion," he said.

On the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and South Korea this year, both countries have agreed to prioritize cooperation in several aspects, including promoting collaboration between creative and digital industry actors from the two countries.

Meanwhile, the promotion of Indonesian batik, wastra, and fashion in South Korea is being handled by the Creative and Digital Economy, Acceleration of Start-Ups, and Public Diplomacy Affairs section of the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul.

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