Samarinda, E Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The East Kalimantan Provincial Government develops sustainable tourism in Maratua, Berau District, in order to realize the Blue Carbon for Community Welfare Program.

"In this program, there are at least four important things that we are targeting, first is the development of sustainable tourism in Maratua and its surroundings," Meiliana, Head of the Implementation Team for the Acceleration of Tourism Development Cooperation in Maratua, remarked here on Sunday.

The second thing is to improve public accessibility to the island, both air and sea transportation, and the third thing is to meet the need for basic infrastructure facilities such as roads, clean water, electricity, and docks.

Fourth, support for institutional strengthening and sub-district and local regulations.

Meiliana explained that tourism development in Maratua is a priority because the region has natural and marine potential.

She explained that tourism development in Maratua has been accelerated since 2014.

That year, during the 2nd East Kalimantan Summit in Samarinda City, the provincial government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Seychelles.

It was followed up with a cooperation agreement between the East Kalimantan Provincial Government and the Seychelles Government on September 10, 2015, she said.

A national seminar was held on April 23, 2016, to discuss the development of East Kalimantan tourism.

Furthermore, a joint decree between the East Kalimantan Governor, the Berau District Head, and the Special Envoy of the President of Seychelles for ASEAN, was issued in February 2019.

"On June 21, 2021, a joint agreement was made by the government of Seychelles, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, East Kalimantan, the Berau District, and the Michael Foundation," Meiliana said.

The joint agreement is to designate Maratua and its surroundings as a national pilot project for blue economy development.

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