Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Religious Affairs launched a new disabled-friendly feature on Thursday, coinciding with Indonesia's 78th Independence Day.

The new feature has been added with the aim of making it easier for people living with disabilities to access information provided on the ministry's website kemenag.go.id.

"At the momentum of Indonesia's 78th Independence Day anniversary, we present a new feature that makes it easier for people living with disabilities to access information services from the Ministry of Religious Affairs," Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas said in a written statement here on Thursday.

Qoumas highlighted that information openness is mandated by law and is the right of all citizens, including people living with disabilities.

He also stressed that his ministry has continued to try to provide a number of disabled-friendly services. The ministry, for instance, has initiated a number of inclusive madrasahs (Islamic schools) that are also disabled-friendly.

The minister's special staff for media and communication, Wibowo Prasetyo, informed that his side deliberately used the momentum of Independence Day to launch the feature. He said that the 78th Independence Day anniversary highlighted a message of continued progress.

"This is the spirit that we have in website development. And because of this, disability-friendly website features will continue to be developed," Prasetyo said.

The disabled-friendly feature on the website is marked with an international symbol of access in blue color, and is placed on the left side of the web interface.

By using the feature, people can access the website's news content in audio format or change the size of text, among others.

"There is also a feature to change the website display to low vision mode. These are prepared as part of our endeavor to expand access to information related to the Ministry of Religious Affairs so that people living with disabilities can also easily access it," he said.

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