Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah emphasized the need for prospective Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) to follow legal procedures and mechanisms for their own protection before and while working and until they return to Indonesia thereafter.

"The government already provided protection for them by regulating easy procedures through the One-Stop Integrated Service (LTSA) that are spread over several areas where many PMI stay," she noted in a statement on Friday.

The minister emphasized that working is the right of every citizen, and the government cannot forbid it. However, the government reminded Indonesian citizens keen to work abroad to follow the correct procedures and mechanisms.

During her working visit to Saudi Arabia, Fauziyah also met with several PMIs, who were facing problems at the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah on Thursday (August 24).

On that occasion, the minister remarked that in 2019, the government had issued a new policy regarding PMIs' placement in the Middle East, namely through the One Channel Placement System (SPSK) scheme.

Through this new placement model, migrant workers looking to work abroad must go through a placement agency in Saudi Arabia and should avoid going through individuals, the minister affirmed.

"With the placement agency, the Indonesian government is able to ensure the safety of our PMIs," she stated.

According to the minister, the scheme is able to help the government in accommodating PMIs not getting paid or having received inhumane treatment from their employers.

"We will help to accommodate our PMIs' rights, including their salary. If they do not get paid, we will come to the agency or the person being held accountable," she emphasized.

If PMIs go through individual channels, it will be difficult for both the Indonesian and Saudi Arabian governments to offer protection, Fauziyah stressed.

However, she noted that the implementation of the SPSK model had stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her side had just started to reactivate this scheme in these past two months.

"About two months ago, a placement was reopened for Saudi Arabia using SPSK," she remarked.

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