Jakarta (ANTARA) - On September 1, 2023, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev outlined a vision for a new Kazakhstan in his state-of-the-nation address, aptly titled “Economic Course of a Just Kazakhstan.”

The event marked a milestone in the journey towards a more prosperous, just, and democratic Kazakhstan. In his landmark speech, President Tokayev delved into a multitude of pressing topics – from economic transformation to fostering a responsible citizenry.

The focus of the president’s address was chiefly on economic reforms. Key among these reforms is building a strong industrial framework and ensuring economic self-sufficiency. The government has set a challenging yet attainable target of six to seven percent economic growth to double the national economy by 2029.

The president reaffirmed his commitment to bolstering governance and implementing political reforms. The government has struck an optimal balance among the branches of governance, ensuring a model of a presidential republic with an influential parliament. These measures facilitate broader civic participation in governance – a cornerstone of a robust democracy.

The president also addressed core issues affecting everyday lives. Salary hikes for teachers and doctors and the development of rural health care facilities signify an investment in the country’s human capital.

Reforms in the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector aim to consolidate small businesses and speed up the processes of privatization and public IPOs. The government is tasked with demonopolizing key markets and accelerating public IPOs for state-run companies, including Air Astana and QazaqGaz, to foster competition and innovation.

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Kazakhstan is not turning a blind eye to climate change. A significant investment is planned in renewable energy, with aims to develop hydrogen generation. Kazakhstan aims to become an IT hub with the goal of increasing IT service exports to $1 billion by 2026.

In addition, the president announced plans for streamlining tax benefits and shifting to a more service-oriented model for tax administration. A minimum wage increase is also slated to come into effect from January 1, 2024, benefiting 1.8 million people.

In line with our geopolitical position, the transport and logistics industry will be pivotal. The Trans-Caspian route and the North-South Corridor are emphasized as critical arteries to boost Kazakhstan’s standing as a leading transit hub.

The agricultural sector aims to transition from primary to high value-added production. Further gasification and the introduction of regulatory measures for energy efficiency are in focus as well.

Meanwhile, President Tokayev emphasized the cultivation of the responsible citizen, or “Adal Azamat,” rooted in the teachings of the great Kazakh poet and philosopher, Abai. This cultural outlook promotes hard work, discipline, and empathy.

President Tokayev’s address exemplifies a balanced, forward-thinking, and inclusive blueprint for Kazakhstan’s future. It is a vision that combines social justice, economic development, and political evolution in a harmonious blend.

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Strengthening Kazakhstan-Indonesia Relations

A noteworthy facet of President Tokayev’s comprehensive vision is its implications for international partnerships, including the burgeoning relationship between Kazakhstan and Indonesia. Both nations share common interests in sustainable development, energy, agriculture, and digital technology.

The president’s focus on transforming Kazakhstan into a major transport and logistics hub, particularly through the Trans-Caspian and North-South Corridors, offers significant opportunities for Indonesia.

Enhanced connectivity through these routes could facilitate greater trade and investment between Kazakhstan and Indonesia, especially in sectors, such as manufacturing, renewable energy, and agribusiness. The mutual growth potential is substantial, and President Tokayev’s vision is compatible with Indonesia’s own aspirations for development and international collaboration.

Thus, strengthened Kazakhstan-Indonesia ties align well with the broader objectives set forth in the president’s address, promising a future of mutual benefit and regional stability.

*) H.E. Mr. Daniyar Sarekenov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Indonesia

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