Jakarta (ANTARA) - President director of State Logistics Agency (Bulog), Budi Waseso, handed over rice assistance for 10,844 beneficiary families in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, on Saturday.

"The rice assistance is being distributed in September, October, and November," he said in a statement released here the same day.

According to him, the government is targeting to distribute rice assistance to 21.3 million beneficiary families every month until November, with each family receiving 10 kilograms of rice.

"Every month, 213 thousand tons (of rice) will come out of the Bulog warehouses to be distributed to the beneficiaries, so the total for three months will be 640 thousand tons," he informed.

Some of the beneficiaries said they were grateful for the assistance. One of them, Nur Arbayah, said she was happy and touched to get the direct assistance, which will help her meet her daily needs.

"Today, I got 10 kg of rice assistance from Mr. President. I am touched to have received this. Hopefully, this aid can continue as our lives are already hard," she added.

Nasirah, another resident who received the rice assistance, thanked the government and Bulog.

"Thanks to the government and the Bulog, I already got the assistance. This can reduce our life burdens, and I hope this can continue," she said.

Head of the Food, Food Crops, and Horticulture Office of East Kalimantan, Siti Farisyah Yana, and East Kalimantan Bulog regional head, Amrullah, attended the rice assistance distribution event.

Earlier, Bulog informed that it has secured 1.6 million tons of rice for the government rice reserves.

The government is distributing over 210 tons of rice aid to the people per month, from September until November, to suppress the adverse impact of the El Nino heat phenomenon.

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