Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has forecast that the dry season would end in most regions in Indonesia starting in late October, and the rainy season would start in stages in early November.

However, due to the high level of climate diversity, the onset of the rainy season will not occur simultaneously in all regions of Indonesia. Meanwhile, the rainy season is projected to peak in January-February 2024.

"According to the BMKG predictions, the peak impact of El Nino would occur in September, but earlier, we also analyzed the latest satellite data, (and) it appeared that this October, the intensity of El Nino has not decreased," BMKG Head Dwikorita Karnawati noted in a statement here on Wednesday.

Karnawati remarked that the El Nino phenomenon, with a moderate level, will continue and end around February-March 2024.

The agency head stated that the start of the rainy season is closely related to the transition from the Australian Monsoon to the Asian Monsoon. She further explained that the Asian Monsoon has started to enter Indonesia, so rains are forecast to start in November.

"It means the impact of El Nino will start to decline with the entry of the rainy season. Thus, it is hoped that the dry season will soon gradually end," she remarked.

She noted that several regions will enter the rainy season before November, while some areas will experience rains later than November. Nevertheless, it will start raining in most regions in November.

The BMKG head reminded the community to abstain from activities that can cause fires, as the dry season has not yet ended.

"Do not try to intentionally or unintentionally start a fire because extinguishing it will be hard to do," she stressed.

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