Jakarta (ANTARA) - Governor of the National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas), Andi Widjajanto, has said that technological leaps could cause disruptions in the nation's cybersecurity in 2029.

Speaking at the Presidential Palace here on Wednesday, he highlighted that technological leaps ranging from machine learning, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI), to quantum computing, will significantly change the pattern of data collection.

"All the things that we have prepared for cybersecurity will be damaged as the patterns of machine learning and big data analysis to look for data is much sharper and faster with no limitations," he expounded.

He warned that the current cybersecurity system will no longer be relevant because it only relies on big data.

Many countries in the world, not just Indonesia, must anticipate these technological leaps because they can affect domestic politics, he added.

One country that has anticipated these leaps, including quantum computing, is Singapore, which has formed a Digital and Intelligence Service in its military, he pointed out.

According to him, anyone who masters research and development (R&D) in these technological leaps can affect the national elections in 2029.

"That person could be part of the pentahelix actors that are preparing the technological leap, and they are not necessarily a state actor. It could be innovators or corporations," he said.

Pentahelix refers to the involvement of the government, media, business world, academicians, and the people.

Earlier, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) warned that if the nation's digital data is unprotected, it could lead to a situation where the direction of the general elections in 2029 will be determined by those who can manipulate technology.

"One of our digital experts said to me that: 'Sir, we must be careful because if we do not protect our digital data, it is them that will determine (democracy) in 2029.' How very dangerous it is, that it can very accurately check consumer's behavior and people's behavior," he said.

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