Jakarta (ANTARA) - Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy instructed the related deputy to form a joint secretariat to support services for the elderly.

"I ask the related deputy to make a joint secretariat in this office to provide all elderly services," he stated in a seminar held at the ministry's office in commemorating International Day for Older Persons here on Friday.

Muhadjir underscored the need for a representative joint secretariat to support the government's preparations for facing the aging population.

He said that the aging population occurs due to the increasing percentage of citizens aged 60 and above as a result of increased life expectancy and declining fertility rates.

He noted that Indonesia is expected to experience an aging population in 2045.

"The demographic bonus will peak in 2030 and ends in 2041, and by 2045, we will enter the aging population, so our country will become old," he stated.

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Hence, he emphasized that in addition to forming a joint secretariat at the ministry's office, it is also necessary to prepare a platform where routine activities for the elderly can be held.

"We can make gymnastics for senior citizens once a month. This can be nationally held. We will prepare for meeting other needs, such as (food) like mung bean sweet soup," he remarked.

Muhammadiyah Senior Care Observer Adhi Santika stated that the presence of the joint secretariat will become a huge leap since after the National Commission for the Elderly (Komnas Lansia) was disbanded, there was no official platform for old people to be jointly involved in national development activities.

"This is a strategic thing, but it needs clear agendas that are not out of government policies," he remarked.

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