Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry supports the continuity of the Ombilin Coal Mine Heritage of Sawahlunto (WTBOS) preservation and the values of the Minang community.

"We are obliged by the world, in this case, UNESCO, to protect the Ombilin coal mine site both in terms of the objects and the important values ingrained in the lives of the Minang people," the ministry's Director of Cultural Development and Utilization, Irini Dewi Wanti, stated here on Sunday.

In her statement, Wanti remarked that the Ombilin coal mine site is a tangible cultural heritage in West Sumatra, as it contains the Minang people's wisdom that should be preserved.

"These important values include local wisdom, community values, togetherness, and mutual respect, so that efforts to preserve the site and values in the community must continue to go hand in hand," she remarked.

She noted that the Ombilin coal mine is a non-renewable energy source and if it continues to be used, it will run out eventually, but traditional values in the mining community will be everlasting.

"In a cultural context, the more it is explored, the more it is cared about. Thus, (the culture) will get richer and livelier," she stated.

Head of Curator at WTBOS' Galanggang Arang project, Edy Utama, explained that Minangkabau, which is a geocultural area, has left several types of cultural heritage, including the timeless Minangkabau customs.

Galanggang Arang is a series of activities aimed at activating and strengthening the mining heritage ecosystem.

Utama stated that Minang people use their traditional ways and local wisdom to respond to challenges of the times.

This shows how reliable and responsive the Minangkabau people are in dealing with changes that come to their villages.

"Minangkabau people have strong abilities and mechanisms in protecting, preserving, and developing their culture amid the changing times," he affirmed.

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Translator: Astrid H, Kenzu
Editor: Sri Haryati
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