Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has revealed Indonesia's strategy to accelerate the energy transition to achieve the net zero emissions (NZE) target by 2060.

The ministry is fully committed to providing clean and affordable electricity, and will achieve the 2060 NZE target through several strategies to speed up the energy transition, secretary general of the ministry, Dadan Kusdiana, said in a statement released in Jakarta on Wednesday.

"Several strategies of the Ministry of ESDM, first, is to ensure that in 2060, we become NZE. Second, is to ensure that the supply of electricity is not only in terms of how it must be affordable, how it must be clean, but also in line with the availability, especially in terms of resources," he added.

The ministry has also prepared efforts to expedite the provision of clean energy, especially renewable energy (EBT), which has large and complete potential, and is spread across Indonesia.

The types of renewable energy sources are also varied and diverse, so the nation does not need to rely on just one or two types.

"This will ensure that the processes of the energy transition can also ensure its resilience. We will later diversify in terms of EBT utilization. We will also accelerate the supply of EBT," Kusdiana informed.

"Things that are available currently are RUKN of the Ministry of ESDM; RUPTL, which is carried out specifically for PT PLN (Persero), and also for other RUPTL, business area holders, also ensuring that the use of EBT is also a priority," he said.

Given the widespread renewable energy sources, it is also necessary to develop infrastructure and transmission facilities, he added.

The government will encourage the construction of electricity transmission infrastructure that connects large islands so that industrial centers can also utilize clean electricity.

"We will develop what is called the Nusantara Grid. We will connect at least the large islands in the country, so that later we can share the use of resources and also ensure that the load centers of growth, especially in this industry, can get clean energy. We will encourage this in terms of infrastructure development," he said.

Apart from that, the government is also encouraging the use of electric vehicles, including the conversion of electric motorbikes.

The government is preparing a new regulation that increases the incentive amount for converting electric motorbikes to Rp10 million from Rp7 million previously.

The government is also urging the public to use electric induction stoves to divert the use of LPG.

"We also encourage the use of rooftop PLTS (solar power plants). So, the community can also contribute directly, not only from the government, PLN, or business entities, but also the community can contribute directly to speed up the energy transition process," he informed.

The ministry has also invited the participation of business entities to accelerate the energy supply process and transition efforts.

"In terms of energy supply, it is impossible to provide everything directly by the government or PLN. We also invite the involvement of business entities, so that this process can be faster and also make more use of the procurement processes carried out by PLN to purchase electricity," Kusdiana said.

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Translator: Kelik Dewanto, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
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