Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Muslim World League (MWL) organization calls for unity from all countries and organizations in the world to unite to stop violence, especially currently occurring in Gaza, Palestine.

"We call on countries and organizations to unite in working hard to stop all wars," Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL) Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Karim al-Issa stated at the R20 International Summit of Religious Authorities (R20 ISORA) in Jakarta on Monday.

Sheikh al-Issa emphasized that the call was specifically aimed at stopping the war taking place in Gaza, Palestine.

He also underlined the need for all parties to find sustainable solutions to resolve the problems that occur.

Sheikh al-Issa pointed out that the war causes hundreds of millions of casualties and only brings egocentrism, barbarism, and the law of the jungle that leads to the destruction of life.

According to Sheikh al-Issa, the establishment of international organizations after the Second World War was a serious effort to reduce wars.

He noted that this was unfortunately not followed up seriously while saying that the conflict that occurred in Palestine is proof of that shortcoming.

Hence, he stressed that morals should be the basis for religion to always be present in the world.

Sheikh al-Issa called on all parties to seek sustainable solutions to resolve the conflict by implementing all international resolutions and charters fairly.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (PBNU) KH Yahya Cholil Staquf noted in his speech that the implementation of R20 ISORA was an agreement between the world religious figures.

"The religious leaders agreed to hold this forum, and it was hosted by NU," he stated.

The R20 ISORA Forum held by PBNU raised the theme of "The Role of Religion in Overcoming Violence in the Middle East and Threats to the Rules-Based International Order."

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, PBNU Chairperson KH Yahya Cholil Staquf, Foreign Minister Retno L. P. Marsudi, Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, and 40 religious figures from across the world attended the international forum.

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Translator: Katriana, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
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