"In Aceh, the production of red chilies and cayenne peppers keeps recording a surplus"
Banda Aceh (ANTARA) - Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan, on Friday, stated that Aceh Province is a chili-producing region that wields the capacity to supply the commodity to Java Island, thereby meeting the people's need for the spice.

"I learned that Aceh is a producer of chili. Here, chilies are offered for Rp32 thousand (US$2.05) per kilogram. In contrast, the price in Java has reached Rp120 thousand (US$7.72) for the same quantity," Hasan remarked during his visit to a traditional market in Lhokseumawe City, Aceh Province.

Bearing that in mind, the minister deems it necessary to think of ways to supply chilies produced by Aceh farmers to Java Island.

Hasan also noted that the Ministry of Trade is ready to succeed in the supplying process by managing the costs required for transporting the chilies from Aceh to regions in Java.

"We will help with the (costs for) transport," he stated.

The minister then expressed hope that farmers, merchants, business actors, and relevant stakeholders in Indonesia's westernmost province would collaborate to distribute Aceh-produced chilies to Java Island.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Horticulture at the Agriculture and Plantation Office of Aceh Province, Chairil Anwar, noted that the province had continued to witness a surplus in the production of red chilies and cayenne peppers every year.

"In Aceh, the production of red chilies and cayenne peppers keeps recording a surplus. Our centers (for production) can be found in Pidie, Central Aceh, and Bener Meriah districts," he pointed out.

In 2022, the quantity of red chilies and cayenne peppers produced in Aceh reached 98,084 tons and 65,308 tons, respectively.

He further explained that farmers in the production centers had been cooperating with business players from outside Aceh to deliver their chilies to various regions, including Riau Province.

"Our farmers have made contracts with other provinces, such as Riau. The prices remain stable despite the large quantity of chilies harvested," he noted.

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Translator: Khalis Surry, Tegar Nurfitra
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