The penetration and contribution of the younger generation tend to be higher.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) reported on Wednesday that internet penetration in Indonesia has risen from 78.1 percent in 2023 to 79.5 percent in 2024, based on its latest survey.

"This signifies a consistent increase from the previous years, starting at 64 percent in 2018. The graph shows a positive trend in internet adoption," APJII chairperson Muhammad Arif said.

He said that the positive trend shows the accessibility and utilization of digital technology in Indonesia have increased.

The "2024 Indonesia's Internet Penetration Survey" involved 8,720 respondents aged 13 years and older in 38 provinces, using a multistage random sampling method from December 18, 2023, to January 19.

The survey has pegged the internet penetration rate among millennials aged 28–43 at 93.17 percent in 2024.

Among Generation Z (aged 12–27), the penetration rate stands at 87.02 percent, while among Generation X (aged 44–59), it has been recorded at 83.69 percent.

In terms of the contribution to the utilization of the internet, Generation Z has the biggest contribution of 34.4 percent, higher than that of millennials (30.62 percent).

Among Generation Alpha (aged under 12), the internet penetration rate has reached 48.1 percent, contributing 9.17 percent to internet utilization in Indonesia.

"This is interesting because it shows the correlation between age and the adaptation of internet users to the younger generation. The penetration and contribution of the younger generation tend to be higher," he said.

This must be understood by business players to map the dynamics of Indonesia's digital space, Arif added.

Gender disparities continue to narrow, with male and female internet penetration rates at 87.6 percent and 85.5 percent, respectively. Men contribute 50.7 percent and women 49.1 percent to internet usage.

In its November 2023 report, Statistics Indonesia estimated that Indonesia's population had reached 277.5 million.

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