Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) stated that the "Work from IKN" program provides an introduction and experience to civil workers (ASN) to experience working directly from IKN.

"The aim of the Work From IKN Program is to provide an introduction and experience to ASN to (gain) experience (on) working from IKN directly," OIKN spokesperson Troy Pantouw told ANTARA in Jakarta, Wednesday.

Pantouw remarked that the program is also an opportunity for the OIKN to intensify cooperation with other ministries or institutions.

So far, the response from ASN, who have undergone the Work from IKN program, has been quite positive since they can witness firsthand the progress in IKN development.

Moreover, the Work from IKN program can help them to adapt and prepare themselves for future transfers.

Work from IKN was initiated to provide an overview to ASNs, who will move to IKN, regarding the atmosphere and development progress by experiencing and seeing it directly.

Deputy Head of OIKN Dhony Rahajoe stated that in building a city, not only are the physical structures built, but the ecosystem and happiness of its residents are also built, especially ASN, as people who will move to IKN for the first time.

The activity will become a routine activity held by OIKN, so that more ASN from various ministries and institutions can gain experience of working at IKN as well as witness the development progress firsthand.

On separate occasions, several ASN expressed their enthusiasm and readiness to be assigned to IKN in East Kalimantan. One ASN named Anto was enthusiastic about the transfer of ASN to IKN.

He is optimistic that the office where he will work at IKN will be located close to his home, thereby making the travel more effective and efficient as well as not cause stress for ASNs while travelling from home to the office in future.

Meanwhile, another ASN named Wibi stated that in principle, ASNs are servants of the state, and they must be willing to be placed at any location.

He is upbeat that facilities, such as water, transportation, schools, places of worship, hospitals, schools, communication and electricity networks, sports fields, malls, shopping centers, and other important amenities, would be available and adequate at IKN.

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Translator: Aji Cakti, Cindy Frishanti Octavia
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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