Jakarta (ANTARA) - Parents have an important role to play in ensuring the safe use of digital technology by children, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology stated here on Thursday.

"The Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel sees the important role of parents in ensuring safety in the increasingly massive use of digital technology by children," the ministry's Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel, Nunuk Suryani, remarked here on Thursday.

According to Suryani, parents need to pay attention to the security and certainty of information obtained through technology, as it affects children who study in schools.

"This must be done because the certainty of information and knowledge (provided) via digital technology will affect the students' achievements," she remarked.

Hence, the ministry has developed the Platform Merdeka Mengajar (PMM) that is not only accessible to educators but also to students.

Suryani elaborated that the PMM is one of the good practices in utilizing technology and a strategic implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum that has currently been used by 2.6 million teachers.

She said the PMM is a form of the government's contribution to ensure that educators and students across Indonesia have equal opportunities to access contextual learning content.

She explained that digital technology development is a necessity, but the government should have a proactive outlook by preparing regulations, so that students are adept at acclimatizing to technological advancements.

In addition, the ministry has issued several policies to hone skills and boost the competency of teachers, so that the learning processes are based on the characteristics and needs of students in the digital era.

Meanwhile, parents, as the children's guides, should possess literacy skills that not only entailed prudent use of mobile devices but also choosing appropriate content, Suryani stated.

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Translator: Astrid H, Kenzu
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