The pocket-sized device lets you enhance a given mood through acupressure and aromachology

Singapore, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- Here's a reality check: stress levels in the workplace have reached an all-time high. According to the Global Workplace 2021 Report, 43 percent of respondents in over 100 countries claim to have experienced stress.

Those numbers are worrying and while the methods to manage our moods are endless (take your pick from exercise, meditation, yoga) few actually allow us to hold space for our emotions while on the go.

Enter The Beem, an innovative device by Singapore-based startup Mudo Labs which lets you master your mood through a combination of acupressure, aromachology and breath control. Think of it as your pocket-sized mood maestro, blending ancient wellness knowledge with some seriously cool tech — all of which is backed by science.

It's perfect for anyone looking to ride through life with a bit more zen, thanks to six interchangeable cartridges that help promote a given mood. The device was launched in Singapore to critical acclaim in September 2023 and just went global via Kickstarter. Here's how it can help you master your mood.


The nifty little device encourages you to pause and (literally) take a breath. The Beem works by pressing it against your Cupid's bow and taking in deep breaths to inhale its mood-enhancing essential oils encased in interchangeable cartridges. In doing so, it combines the benefits of aromachology — the science of scents — with the traditional wellness practice of acupressure to prompt you to take a moment and balance your emotions.


The Beem is the product of extensive scientific research and collaboration, developed over 10 years in consultation with a team of scientists, psychologists, and industrial designers and prototypes were tested out by focus groups. The result is a scientifically-backed device with carefully formulated scent blends derived from natural botanicals.


Whether you're in an office setting or on the move, The Beem is the perfect companion for a quick mental reset. Its discreet size allows it to be a subtle yet effective presence in your daily routine. This portability means that relaxation and mood regulation don't have to be confined to the home; they can be integrated seamlessly into everyday life, providing support wherever and whenever it's needed.


The Beem by Mudo Labs is pretty slick, letting you switch out six scent cartridges based on your mood. Each one is packed with responsibly sourced all-natural essential oils extracted from plants like moringa and damiana, so you're the master of your own mood.

Visit the Mudo Labs Kickstarter campaign here.

Access a full press kit with visuals here.

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