Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - The provincial government of Lampung is planning to release 525 thousand fish seeds in the province’s public waters this year, according to Head of the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Office of Lampung Liza Derni,

“In 2024, restocking of 525 thousand fish is planned in public waters, commonly in big rivers in several regions. The number will possibly increase,” she said here on Saturday.

She informed that the fish spreading or restocking program will involve releasing endemic fish seeds, namely baung (Hemibagrus) and jelawat (Leptobarbus hoevenii), into the ecosystem.

“With this restocking activity, the community should not carelessly catch fish that are almost extinct, such as jelawat, belida (Chitala), especially those whose size is still small. Let the fish grow and develop first before being caught,” she added.

She explained that by continuing the endemic fish restocking program this year, it is hoped that there will be an improvement in the population of several fish endemic to Lampung, which have become nearly extinct in public waters in several districts.

"These fish are actually the main consumption of Lampung people, but because fishing is not measurable, they are almost extinct. It is hoped that this restocking will be continued by districts and cities so that the endemic fish population is maintained," she added.

She said that her office is also cooperating with Supervisory Community Groups for Fisheries so that people do not catch endemic fish carelessly.

“As well as guiding the community there not to catch fish by electrocuting them or using potassium. Because, they will hinder the development of restocked fish,” she added.

The provincial government has carried out fish restocking in previous years by releasing 560 thousand fish in 2020, 420 thousand in 2021, 2.129 million in 2022, and 531 thousand in 2023.

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