Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA) - President Director of state health insurer and social security agency BPJS Kesehatan, Ali Ghufron Mukti, affirmed that his side is committed to using information and communication technology to improve the National Health Insurance (JKN) Program.

"This breakthrough is proof of BPJS Kesehatan's commitment to improving service quality for customers through information technology," Mukti stated at the 17th ISSA International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security (ICT 2024), here on Wednesday.

He remarked that the BPJS Kesehatan system has been integrated with more than 950 thousand payment channels and 27 thousand health facilities comprising three thousand hospitals, 22 thousand local health centers (puskesmas), and two thousand pharmacies.

He elaborated that more than 100 million data flows or transactions per day were recorded in the BPJS system.

"Participants feel the many benefits of the JKN program through the use of information and communication technology," he remarked.

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Mukti said that the use of the online system cuts the waiting time in queues.

"As an illustration, before using an online queue system, a queue at health facilities can reach eight hours or more. Now, with the online queue, participants can arrange their waiting time, (so that) they only wait about two hours," he stated.

BPJS Kesehatan also develops various innovations to improve services for participants in health facilities, such as the use of face recognition and artificial intelligence (AI), and the e-queue connected to the JKN Mobile application.

In the app, users can check bed availability in hospitals and surgery schedules, as well as get referrals.

Under its efforts to prevent fraud, BPJS Kesehatan also utilizes an AI-enabled Digital Verification Claim System called Vedika.

Moreover, BPJS Kesehatan develops the use of biometrics, data analysis technology, and machine learning.

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