Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian National Alms Agency (Baznas), in collaboration with the Palestinian institution Althouri Women's Center (AWC), distributed clean water to Palestinian people taking shelter at three refugee camps in Rafah, Gaza Strip.

"Alhamdulillah (thank God), the assistance donated through Baznas reached Palestinian refugees," Head of Baznas Noor Achmad said in a statement from his office on Wednesday.

He said that Baznas has distributed clean water to refugees currently taking shelter in three camps in Rafah.

The people currently living in refugee camps in Rafah are in dire need of clean water to maintain their health and hygiene during the Ramadan holy month, he added.

A sufficient supply of clean water is expected to protect the refugees from the threats of diseases stemming from contaminated water, he underlined.

Achmad stated that the alms agency would continue to facilitate Indonesian people to deliver their donations to help Palestinians in need.

"We would like to extend gratitude to all donors and Indonesian people for distributing assistance to Palestinian people through Baznas," he added.

He expressed hope that the distributed aid would genuinely help Palestinians, especially children, women, and the elderly.

"Hopefully, our efforts will lead to improvements in the living conditions of Palestinian refugees, although they are still facing extremely tough challenges," he noted.

Achmad earlier stated that Baznas and AWC had also been working hand in hand to distribute food aid worth Rp2 billion (around US$126,000) to refugees in Rafah during the fasting month.

He also noted that Baznas is distributing the aid collected from Indonesian people while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and Islamic law as well as the security of Indonesia.

"This humanitarian act is in line with the mission of Baznas to reach a broader population and bring about positive impacts on their lives," he concluded.

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