Jakarta (ANTARA) - Several state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private companies or investors, both domestic and international, showed interest to become involved in developing electric vehicles (EV) in IKN, East Kalimantan, the Authority of IKN Nusantara (OIKN) stated.

"There are a lot of companies or private investors who are interested in getting involved in IKN, especially in EV development," Deputy for Funding and Investment of OIKN, Agung Wicaksono, noted in an online seminar on Wednesday.

Apart from taxi operator, Bluebird, which has carried out groundbreaking at IKN, SOE Damri and international companies, such as ComfortDelGro from Singapore, are interested to invest in the EV sector at IKN.

In the manufacturing industry, companies, such as BYD from China, PT Kalista from Indonesia, Škoda from the Czech Republic, and several other investors or private firms, also expressed their interest to participate, Wicaksono remarked.

He stated that numerous domestic and international companies or private investors are also interested to support infrastructure aspects of EV.

In the development of EVs at IKN, OIKN also has BUMO, namely Bina Karya, which has a potential role as an integrator.

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Based on the Attachment to Law Number 3 of 2022 concerning the IKN Master Plan, one of the six clusters to realize the IKN Economic Superhub Vision is the Clean Technology Industrial Cluster, with the mission to provide products supporting environmentally friendly mobility and utilities.

The development of this sector is focused on the clean technology industry for more environmentally friendly mobility and utilities, namely the assembly of solar panels (Solar PV) and electric vehicles.

The IKN Economic Superhub vision will be realized through the development of six strategic, resilient, and innovative economic clusters supported by a solid foundation in hard and soft infrastructure.

Development of the six clusters is based on increasing the competitiveness of developing sectors in East Kalimantan and the introduction of high technology and sustainable-oriented advanced sectors.

These six prime mover economic clusters are then reduced to several subsectors to realize the economic superhub vision.

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