Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin stated that the ministry launched the hospital-based specialists doctor program in pursuit of meeting the national need for specialists doctors.

At the program's launch here on Monday, Sadikin highlighted that currently, some 2,700 specialists doctors are produced annually to meet the needs. He opined that the figure was far from Indonesia's requirement of some 29 to 30 thousand.

"It (means that to meet the requirements), more than 10 years is needed. It happens every year. In comparison, England's population, which is 50 million, a sixth of Indonesia's, produces 12 thousand specialist doctors per year," he said.

The minister stated that Indonesia had continued to reel from the uneven distribution of specialists doctors for the last 79 years. Hence, he said, the government has worked along with the Institute of Health Metric Evaluation (IHME) for creating policies to address the issue.

He pointed out that based on IHME's calculations, which included the demographic aspect, such as the ages of doctors, and epidemiological factors, Indonesia needs some 29 thousand specialists doctors.

Hence, the hospital-based specialists education system, which is applied worldwide, is adopted by Indonesia.

The minister remarked that currently, not only the 24 medical faculties in Indonesia will educate the doctors but also the 420 hospitals appointed for the education.

Sadikin pointed out that usually, such type of education is quite expensive. However, in this program, the students do not need to pay, and they are receiving the same benefits as other workers.

"They get medical protection, legal protection, sensible working hours, and their status is not a lowly one," he remarked.

The minister explained that to ensure the quality of education, his administration collaborates with collegiums in Indonesia as well as global experts to form the curriculum.

According to data from the ministry's Directorate General of Health Services, the quota for the first batch of hospital-based specialist doctor education is 38, and there are six ministry-owned hospitals that will serve as pilots for the program.

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Reporter: Mecca Yumna Ning Prisie
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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